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Global Constructions and Realtors provides the services of a Property Legal Advisor in Bangalore. Our property advisor provides the best legal counsel as regards Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural properties in Bangalore. Services are offered for Property Documentation, Property Law Services and Property Litigation in Karnataka, North and Central Bangalore.

It is widely known fact that documentation is an important aspect of Property Buying, Property Selling and Property Rental. So, we provide simple, authentic and accurate documentation for all property transactions.

Property Law Services provided by us are the finest and include advices on sale and purchase of residential and commercial properties, property development, leases, obtaining licenses and resource management.

We handle all cases of Property Litigation. Our legal advisor is an expert in dealing cases of property disputes. Legal issues like ULCRA, unclear property titles, stamp registration etc. are deftly handled by our advisor. The cases of property litigation when dealt by us do not mean long court hearings but are resolved quickly and amicably.